Collectable Card Game Tournament


Tournament Co-ordinator:   Darren Perryman

The Babylon CCG was our last, best hope for some B5 action... It failed.
But in the year of Pandemonium it became something greater
our last, best hope for a sensible CCG.

The year is 1999 The Place: Pandemonium '99.


Tournament Rules

   Minimum deck size for official Constructed Deck tournaments is 60 cards. Players will be required to field their own decks and the tournament will be played as a social tournament, de-emphasising winning and competitive play, and puts the focus on role-playing and making the game fun for your opponents. After each round, players will vote for another player at their table in 2 categories. The 2 categories are:

 - The player who made your game the most fun for you.
 - The player who was the best roleplayer / storyteller.

Darren may introduce additional categories as desired.

   Any player willing and able to play more than 2 racial decks at the tournament automatically will receive a bonus vote for making the game fun for others. Each player can award one additional bonus vote in each category once the preliminary rounds are over (each to any one player), if they desire to do so. All votes are done by secret ballot and the judge will tabulate them only at the end of all preliminary rounds.

   The final table will be drawn from the player of each race who had the maximum number of votes throughout the preliminary rounds for "made the game fun". Ties will be broken with roleplaying. The player who is voted best in each category at the final table will get prizes, as will the best overall roleplayer if they did not make the final table.

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