Fight the Fury!

System:    Babylon 5 Wars
Time:    Synday 19th September from 12pm
Umpire:    Darren Perryman

Tight Beam Log Transmission Received:  0254 hrs,  7th June,  2259.
Captain Alex Grimshaw, EAS Phobos (Hyperion Class Cruiser), Speaking.

--- <Transmission Begins> ---
 - "Captain, I have 7 Contacts appearing on screen"
 - "Identify"
 - "Can't get a fix Sir, but they appear to be Minbari in origin. Approaching orbital oblique...  They're on an attack vector!"
 - "God damnit! Go to red alert! Turn us about, Mister. Prepare to engage Jump Engines. Lock onto the nearest Jumpgate Beacon. Retreat"
 - "Captain, more contacts behind us. They're blocking our escape. But... They're..."
 - "They're what?"
 - "Scanners say they're Narn and Centauri vessels, Sir. I don't understand it! They're locking on to us. Also set to engage..."
 - "By the stars!!! What's next?!?"
--- <Transmission Ends> ---
An all-in Demonstration Game of Babylon 5 Wars, the space-combat rules
based on the Babylon 5 Television Series.
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