The Boxer Rebellion
System:    Imperial Splendour
Time:    Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September from 12pm
Umpire:    Mal Wright
   Mal Wright and his Reynella Gaming Group have once again put together a Campaign of excellent quality, this time focussing on the Boxer Rebellion. The Boxer Rebellion occurred between 1899 and 1900, revolving around a secret society of Chinese calling themselves The Boxers, who's ultimate aim was to expel all foreigners and foreign influences from their homeland. In a political landscape of war and toil The Boxers attacked Western and Japanese nationals out of fear, and cultural xenophobia.

   This Game is a fictional battle which is based around some of the events that did take place during the Rebellion.

   An Allied naval and land force have been designated to capture a port taken by the Boxers. They must free the various European Traders, re-establish the cable station and drive the Boxers from the International Dockyard area and its rich Warehouses of goods.

   Many Junks, Sampans, Warships, Transports etc. modelled by Mal Wright will be seen in this 15mm battle, as well as a detailed port and hordes and hordes of Boxers!!! The International troop contingent will be from several nations.

The Game will be moderated using Clinton Reilly's "IMPERIAL SPLENDOUR" rules on PC.

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