Alexander the Great in India


System:    De Bellis Multitudinis (DBM)
Time:    12pm Sunday 17th September
Umpire:    Paul Mcoy
It is May 326 BC, and Alexander the Great has just conquered the known world.
Now his attention is turned to the previously unknown lands of India.
   Having put down a rebellion in Sogdiana and taking the beautiful Roxana in marriage, Alexander is ready to undertake the invasion of north central India. The King of Taxila has invited the young Macedonian to help against his rival, the leading monarch of the Punjab, King Porus. With this Alexander is off!

   The two armies meet across a river swollen by torrential rains, and so the scene is set for the Battle of the Hydaspes. Across the river awaits Porus, his 200 war elephants, and perhaps all of India.

Will this be the last great battle of Alexander???

Phalanx vs Pachyderms - Companions and Chariots Clash!!!

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