Collectable Card Game Tournament

Sunday 3.30pm
   Legend of the Five Rings is a CCG of samurai drama, set in the Age of Man that follows the Day of Thunder. The Emperor Toturi I has been found after a mysterious plot was undone, yet now the great Clans of Rokugan are at each others throats, threatening all with a descent into a further Clan War.
This tournament will be a five round Swiss format event with single elimination finals to follow.
   Decks will have a 40 card minimum, and should be built to conform to Jade Extended Storyline format. No cards (Spells, Personalities or Events) not appearing in Jade Edition and subsequent expansions can be used. Lesser Experienced Personalities of those appearing in Jade Ed may be used. Seige of Sleeping Mountain cards are also permitted, as are Honor Bound foil reprints.
Honor Bound expansion (if available) will not be legal.
A list of the cards that are permitted will be made available at Australian Game Wizards and the AGA Premises. Hopefully within the next two to three days a copy of that list will appear on this Web Site.
Contact ODie (Damian O'Dea) on (08) 8272 6443 [ah] for further information.
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