Eylau 1807
System:    Shako
Time:    12pm Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September
Umpires:    Nic Grguric and John Candish
   In 1807, after Napoleon defeated Prussia, the Prussian army under Count Bennigsen advanced West in attempt to regain some of Prussiaís lost land and put an end to Napoleonís conquest. On February the 8th Napoleon, with 78,000 men under his command, met Bennigsen, with 83,000 men, before the town of Eylau. The ensuing battle, fought in a blizzard, was a desperate slogging match, ending only marginally in favour of Napoleon. Losses were extremely heavy on both sides, with the French losing 25,000 troops and the Prussians 15,000.

   Eylau will be re-fought with 15mm figures using Shako rules and umpired by Nic Grguric and John Candlish. The battle will be fought over both Saturday and Sunday, with places for players new to the Game.

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