Is this your First Gaming Convention?

   Gaming Conventions are places where people come together to talk about their hobby, play a few Games, and have fun.

   Most Gamers have a regular group of people they Game with in their homes or at school. A Convention offers you an opportunity to expand your horizons beyond your regular group and try new Games you wouldn’t usually have an opportunity to play in.

   If you’ve never been to a Convention before and you’re flicking through this booklet it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous about PANDEMONIUM.

Don’t Panic!
Relax, there’s nothing to be worried about.

   PANDEMONIUM has been put together by people who enjoy Gaming, and want to run an Event where as many Games as possible are played over one Weekend. PANDEMONIUM’s about Gaming and having fun at the same time: nothing more, nothing less. Ok, so it’s cool if you win a trophy or a Prize along the way… PANDEMONIUM isn’t really a competition, it’s the experience that counts. Such Awards are just the icing on the cake.

   If you’re interested in having a look at what PANDEMONIUM has to offer, but feel anxious about attending a Convention, the best thing you can do is to enter a few Events which interest you. Maybe you’ve played some Warhammer, some AD&D, or some MAGIC before… Try something familiar and perhaps drag a few friends along with you to make sure you feel comfortable. That way you’re guaranteed to enjoy PANDEMONIUM and know someone at the Convention.

   If you have questions about the booklet or how to fill out the Entry Form, contact Mark Philp (see the previous Page for Mark’s contact details). Mark’s the guy who wrote this booklet and is more than willing to help you with information about PANDEMONIUM.

   If you have a problem at any stage during PANDEMONIUM, feel free to approach the Site Co-ordinator. They’ll be the person floating about the place with a little badge saying “Site Co-ordinator” on it. It’s the Site Co-ordinator’s job to look after PANDEMONIUM participants and make sure they’re happy. The Site Co-ordinator will be armed with enough information to either deal with your concerns directly or point you in the direction of someone who can.

   Gaming Conventions are supposed to be about having a good time and playing some Games along the way - remember that and you’re guaranteed to have an excellent experience at PANDEMONIUM ’99.

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