This year, 1999, is the inaugural launch of PANDEMONIUM – Adelaide’s Premiere Gaming Convention. PANDEMONIUM will be held from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th September at the AGA Premises, with a whole host of Events, ranging from Board Games, Card Games, and Role-Playing Games to War Gaming happening throughout the weekend.

   PANDEMONIUM follows in the wake of the successful MAELSTROM Conventions previously held by The South Australian Simulations Association (SASA). Last year, SASA merged with another Gaming club – the Guild Arcane – to form the Adelaide Gamers’ Association (AGA). Alas, 1998’s MAELSTROM VIII was the final incarnation of this long-running Convention begun by Rene Vernon way back in 1991. PANDEMONIUM now picks up the gauntlet where MAELSTROM left off.

   A number of traditional Events that were connected to MAELSTROM in the past resurface this year at PANDEMONIUM. The now legendary World RISK Championship is in its tenth consecutive year, Mal Wright’s fantastic miniatures and high quality Games hosted by his Reynella Private Wargames Group return to the Adelaide Convention scene, and the ever-popular AD&D Tournament continues its grand legacy, having drawn crowds in year after year.

   As well as the regular mix of Games you’d have expected to find at previous Conventions in Adelaide, PANDEMONIUM has a few little ‘extra surprises’ in store for participants. A wider selection of Games than in years past is on offer for Convention participants to come along and try, such as PANDEMONIUM in the RAW. This Event sees the AGA Premises host a late-night Gaming session where the fast-paced tactical computer Game VGA Planets – Rapid Action Warfare (RAW) is played, under a backdrop of videos and casual Gaming.

   To top PANDEMONIUM off, an Awards Presentation will be held at the end of the Convention on Sunday evening. Our sponsors have generously allocated a plethora of prizes available to Convention participants, which will be handed out at this ceremony. Come along and have a look, even if you don’t win anything… It’s always great to catch up with those Gamers you played with during PANDEMONIUM and relive your defeats, triumphs and glories.

Where is PANDEMONIUM Held?

   PANDEMONIUM will be run at the Adelaide Gamers’ Association Premises:

Level 2, 134 Waymouth St. Adelaide.

   The building is located just off Light Square, next to the Law Society of South Australia. The AGA rooms are on the top floor, so simply head into the foyer, up the stairs and you’re there!

   Waymouth Street is easily accessible to public transport. Most city-bound buses have stops on King Williams St. or Currie St., both of which are located within five minute’s walk from the AGA Premises. Adelaide’s central train is also close-by.

   The AGA asks that you use the main entrance to the building to come and go whilst at PANDEMONIUM. The fire escape at the rear of the AGA Premises is not to be used as a thoroughfare due to fire regulations.


   PANDEMONIUM is run by the Adelaide Gamers’ Association (AGA), a non-profit club that promotes and facilitates Gaming in all its various forms. It is an Association - like a local sporting club or interest group - which aims to bring people who enjoy playing Games such as Collectable Card Games, Role-Playing Games, and War Games together in one location.

   Take a look at the Adelaide Gamers' Association Web Site for more information:


PANDEMONIUM Contact Details

   If you have any questions or inquiries about PANDEMONIUM, please feel free to contact Mark Philp (after business hours) on (08) 8263 – 3316 for more information about the Convention. Alternately, try contacting the AGA Premises on (08) 8410 – 4455. PANDEMONIUM-related Mail should be posted to P.O. Box 10184, Gouger St. Adelaide, 5000.

   To contact Mark electronically, e-mail him via the AGA, aga@adelaide.crosswinds.net, or ICQ Mark (ICQ No. 457862). Please note that PANDEMONIUM entries submitted via e-mail or other electronic means cannot be accepted.

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