Registration Information

   Registration booklets are available from most PANDEMONIUM Sponsors as well as the AGA Premises.

   Entry Forms must be submitted with the appropriate entry fee to GameQuest, Tactics, or the AGA Premises. Alternately, they may be posted (with a cheque or money order covering the entry fee) to:

Post Office Box 10184
Gouger Street
Adelaide, South Australia

   Please note that PANDEMONIUM entries submitted via e-mail or other electronic means, or entry forms submitted without the correct entry fee cannot be accepted.

   You may register at PANDEMONIUM itself, but should note that you are not guaranteed a position in any Game occurring at the Convention. The Convention Organisers will schedule players in Events on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. The sooner you register the better the chance you’ll be able to play what you want, when you want to!

   If you wish to participate in a Role-Playing Event, it is critical that you register before the Convention begins, so arrangements involving group numbers, session times and Game Masters can be made. The deadline for Role-Playing entries is the Friday evening of the Convention before 7.30pm, as Convention Organisers will be unable to schedule any Role-Playing sessions after this time.

Entry Forms

   The PANDEMONIUM Entry Form is available for you to download in either Word 6 or Word '97 Format. The Form is contained in a self-extracting zip file, and is titled "PAN99EF.DOC". All you have to do to view the document is download the file, open it normally, follow the prompts and extract the Entry Form into the directory of your choice.

Download Word 6
Entry Form
Download Word '97
Entry Form

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