10th World RISK Championships
To win without risk, is to triumph without glory.
Pierre Corneille, Le Cid, 1636
   The 1999 World RISK Championship takes the form of 5 qualifying rounds leading to a final championship played on Sunday afternoon at 3.30pm.

   The winner of each of the 5 qualifying games progress to meet with last yearís World Champion (Steve, are you coming?) in a contest for the right to claim this yearís title, and sup from the solid silver Championís Chalice.

   Players may play in more than one of the qualifying games (depending on how desperate they are to win a place in the final).

   If a player who has already won in a previous round wins again, then the player who came second in the game in which this occurs, qualifies for the final.

Stephen Pinches, Co-ordinator
14th July, 1999
Friday  7.30pm
  1st Qualifying Round
Saturday  12pm
  2nd Qualifying Round
Saturday  3.30pm
  3rd Qualifying Round
Saturday  7.30pm
  4th Qualifying Round
Sunday  12pm
  5th Qualifying Round
Sunday  3.30pm
  Championship Armageddon  

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