AD&D Tournament
"Dear Lord Chevalas,
   Greetings from Lord Donnal Regent of Drake Ba'hil.
   Know that we have hence decreed that the Heir-In-Waiting, Princess Sarinya, is now receiving suitors. By the customs of our land, such suitors must prove their worthiness. To this end they will be expected to undertake a series of tasks, during which they will be judged, to find the man worthy of not only the Princess, but the land itself. We would be most pleased if you would allow one of your sons to try for Princess Sarinya's hand. All suitors are allowed up to 3 retainers to accompany them on what might be an arduous journey.
   We look forward to meeting any representative of your fine family.
Yours in kind,
Lord Donnal"
This is a light-hearted module created in the tradition of Fables. The module is designed with low level pre-generated characters and is able to be played by 1 to 4 people.
The emphasis is on working together, problem solving and fun.
Author - Kylie Doherty
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