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   If you wish to participate in a Role-Playing Event, it is critical that you register before the Convention begins, so arrangements involving group numbers, session times and Game Masters can be made. The deadline for Role-Playing entries is the Friday evening of the Convention before 7.30pm.

   Unlike other Games at PANDEMONIUM, Role-Playing Games are not     pre-scheduled. You nominate which session you’d like to play. There are seven timeslots available for you to choose from – see the Entry Form for more details.

   On Friday 17th at 6.30pm there will be a Role-Playing Information Session for all Players who wish to participate in a PANDEMONIUM Role-Playing Event. The Session is designed for Game Masters to meet their prospective players before play begins, and for the Authors of the modules to impart any background information relating to their Game to players. Pre-generated characters and character packages will be available for Role-Players to pick up at the Session. It is not essential to attend, but most players are likely to find the experience beneficial.


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