Deal Me In!
   "The Cornucopia Club of Meepsoor is pleased to invite you to the inaugural Meepsoor Poker Championships, a contest of the highest calibre, to take place in the Club over three days. Total prize money is Five Thousand Pounds, winner take all. All interested participants to apply in person at the Club."
   The year is 1889. Queen Victoria rules over the greatest Empire known to man, stretching not only around the Earth but across the gulf of space to Mars and beyond. Ether Flyers patrol the inner solar system while above the towers of the ancient canal cities Sky Galleons sail the winds of Mars. The Martians themselves, tall, proud inheritors of a decaying civilisation, view these 'Red Men' with their strange ways and their powerful machines with a mixture of fear and fascination, a dangerous combination. But the lure of Mars is great. Here a man, or lady, might find adventure, riches, fame, knowledge or a horrible death.
Which card will you turn?
Deal Me In, a Space 1889 scenario for up to five poker faced adventurers. Role-Playing, combat, romance and intrigue all possible.
No system knowledge required.
By Andrew J.
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