The Adelaide Gamers' Association Committee of Management runs the administrative side of the Association. It's the Committee's job to look after club finances, represent the general membership in all matters, and make sure that the club runs from day to day.

   There are currently nine members of the AGA Committee. Each Committee member volunteers their time and services by standing for election at the AGA's Annual General Meeting (AGM), with the members of the AGA voting on who to elect to the Committee.

   The Committee meets on the first Sunday of each month (whenever possible) to discuss Association business. In general anyone is invited to attend Committee meetings if they wish to raise an issue to the Committee.

   The Committee notice board is located to the right-hand side of the main entrance to the AGA premises. Usually you'll find important notices such as the minutes of the last Committee meeting, financial statements, and copies of the club charter and rules pinned up there.

   A series of pigeon holes lie next to the notice board for members to post mail in to contact Committee members or club officials. The Committee can be contacted on-line by sending email to For more contact details take a look at our AGA Frequently Asked Questions Document.


Darren Perryman: AGA Chairperson / President.

   The Chairperson of the AGA Committee and club President is currently Darren Perryman. Darren runs the AGA Blood Bowl League, hosts all of the club's VGA Planet's games, and is an active Babylon 5 CCG player. Darren can usually be found on premises on Friday evenings and weekends and is more than willing to answer any questions anyone might have about the AGA.

   Obviously, the role of the Chairperson is to conduct all meetings of the club. For more information on Darren's duties click here.


Alan Michell: AGA Public Officer / Secretary.

   The Public Officer and Secretary of the AGA is currently Alan Michell. Alan is a role-player and would-be author with an interest in White Wolf / Gothic-Punk gaming, plays Star Wars: The CCG, and dabbles on occasion with FASA's Battletech miniature war game.

   Alan is responsible for receiving all Association-related correspondence, producing the minutes from Committee meetings, writing and editing the AGA newsletter (THE RUNE), and informing the membership of meetings and special club events. For a list of the Secretary's duties click here. To contact the Secretary send e-mail to


Kylie Doherty: AGA Equal Opportunities Officer / Financial Officer / Treasurer.

   The Financial Officer and Treasurer of the AGA is currently Kylie Doherty. Kylie is an enthusiastic role-player who's involved in AD&D and someone who actively participates when she can in AGA Events.

   Kylie is responsible for recording and conducting the financial business of the Association. For more information on the Treasurer's duties click here.

   Kylie also holds the post of Equal Opportunities Officer. Basically this means any complaints of discrimination or harassment are overseen by Kylie.


Sean Davis: AGA Committee Member.Tess Hayes: AGA Committee Member.

Sean Davis and Tess Hayes.

Stan McKenzie: AGA Committee Member.Barry Maunsell: AGA Committee Member.Jeff Williams: AGA Committee Member.

Stan McKenzie, Barry Maunsell, and Jeff Williams.

[Not pictured above is Paul Lightfoot. Somehow he managed to escape the camera lens at the time these photos were taken].

   The five people depicted above plus Paul Lightfoot make up the remainder of the AGA Committee. Some of their gaming interests are listed below:

   Sean Davis is an avid Raven and fantasy war gamer.
   Tess Hayes enjoys role-playing, with a strong bent towards AD&D.
   Paul Lightfoot plays in a number of STARS! and other simulation games.
   Stan McKenzie is interested in tactical war gaming in general.
   Barry Maunsell is in to Napoleonic war gaming.
   Jeff Williams' interests lie in American Civil War gaming and World War II re-creation battles.

   Committee members have a series of guidelines they are required to follow per the AGA charter to guarantee they hold the best interests of the club in mind when making decisions on behalf of its members. For more details on the role of a Committee member click here.

   And that is an all-so brief introduction to the members of the AGA Committee! As you can see within the members of the Committee alone a wide variety of gaming interests reflected. For more information on such interests take a look at the AGA Campaigns and New Campaigns Pages, where you'll see a few of the people listed above conducting games through the Association.

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