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   There are a number of documents, rules and guidelines which the Adelaide Gamers' Association is bound to possess by law.  These documents are displayed on our Web Site for anyone to view as proof of the AGA's status as a non-profit organization solely devoted to the facilitation of Gaming.

  The Charter of the Adelaide Gamers' Assoc.

   As the AGA is an incorporated body registered with the Australian Securities Commission, it is compulsory to possess a Charter which the Association acts under.  A Charter (or Constitution) is a document which details how Association meetings are run, how Committee elections occur, the Association's complaints and disciplinary policy, and details the duties and responsibilities of Club Officials.

  The Standing Orders of the Adelaide Gamers' Assoc.

   The Standing Orders of the Association contain the common sense club rules which everyone must adhere to whilst at the AGA Premises.  Standards of behaviour and dress, rules of conduct governing Officials, information pertaining to membership and other pieces of important information are contained within this document.

  The On-line Policy of the Adelaide Gamers' Assoc.

   These days it's necessary to possess an On-line Policy and Legal Disclaimer to protect and acknowledge the rights and ownership of material displayed on a Web Site.  The AGA's On-line Policy covers what material can and cannot be used without the AGA's permission

   The Adelaide Gamers' Association acknowledges the Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, and Copyrights held by Gaming Companies in regards to products mentioned on this Web Site on our Trademarks Page.  Here, the most commonly used Marks have been listed in association with their owners.

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