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The Rune: Official Newsletter of the Adelaide Gamers' Association

The Official newsletter of the Adelaide Gamers' Association is called THE RUNE. It is published bi-monthly by the Association and is available from the AGA premises, major AGA sponsors and this Web Site.

    THE RUNE is edited by Alan Michell, currently the secretary of the AGA Committee. Alan is more than happy to accept submissions to THE RUNE from anyone interested in publishing gaming-related material. If you're interested in submitting something e-mail Alan at

   The primary purpose of THE RUNE is to inform AGA members what is going on within the Association. THE RUNE contains details about Upcoming Events held by or through the AGA, New Campaigns and other gaming activities being conducted by members, information about Committee decisions and Committee notices to members, as well as fiction, game reports and other information supplied by members. News relating to game companies, gaming products, new game releases and game reviews can also be found within the newsletter's midst.

Copies of the Rune are available on-line in html format.

The Rune: Issue #1 - Sept / Oct 1998 The Rune: Issue #2 - Nov / Dec 1998
The Rune: Issue #3 - Jan / Feb 1999



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   The AGA is hosting a Mailing List so that club members and local Adelaide gamers are informed about what's going on in Adelaide in relation to gaming and gaming events.

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   The latest copy of THE RUNE will be sent to members of the AGA Mailing List bi-monthly. Other notices such as notification about Upcoming Events and changes to this Web Site will be posted via the Mailing list on an irregular basis by the Campaign Co-ordinator, Mark Philp, or AGA Secretary and RUNE Editor, Alan Michell. You will be guaranteed to be kept up-to-date about activities occurring through the AGA

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