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A Clash of Armour Campaign
Umpired by Jeff Williams

Occurring Sunday Afternoons at the AGA from the Beginning of March.

   On the morning of the 8th December 1941 Japanese forces bombed Hong Kong, and shortly after a division of seasoned veterens of the war with China swarmed into the New territories (Mainland Hong Kong). The defending Brittish forces were a hodge-podge force of Scots, English, Indians, Canadians and Chinese roughly divisional in strength. Hong Kong island itself was fortified with concrete bunkers and artillery emplacements. By the 28th December 1941 the Japanese had triumphed and captured the island. Can this brilliant achievement be repeated?

   A short Campaign will be run by Jeff Williams starting late Feburary and running for four weeks.

   The Campaign will use the CLASH OF ARMOUR rules and 10mm figures. This Campaign is being run to enable more players to learn and develop the rules to make them more suitable for the far eastern theatre of World War II.

   2 teams of four players will each command the Allied forces. At this stage the Allies are repulsing the invasion adequetely, but are quickly losing ground.

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