The Rune, a bi-monthly publication produced by the AGA to update and inform members of what's going on within the Association.

The Official Newsletter of the ADELAIDE GAMERS' ASSOCIATION
Volume 1, Issue 1 - September / October 1998



   THE RUNE is currently edited by Alan Michell, Secretary of the Adelaide Gamer's Association, from submissions made by members. Submissions can be made via THE RUNE pigeonhole in the club rooms, or to


The all new Adelaide Gamer's Association begins an all new newsletter, THE RUNE, containing a game report, a list of games played in the club and  information on our Visitor's Card.

   The newsletter should be a valuable resource to all of our members, to keep aware of the changing rules of the club and to advertise games that need players. It will also serve as a way for members to showcase the games they play in the club with reports. Extra space can be filled with reports on related topics - reviews and previews of films, games and miniatures.

   Of course the main resource available to the editor is the membership of the Adelaide Gamer's Association. Whatever members choose to submit may end up in the pages of our newsletter - you can determine what the readers get by submitting your work. Review a gaming product, write a game report, try your hand at fiction . . .

   Art submissions are equally welcome, as we could always do with some picture to add interest. Small black and white pictures, that may be scanned easily and printed in grey scale are preferred. All submissions should remain faithful to the interests of the club - military, historical, science fiction, fantasy or horror themed work is obviously preferred.


   With some changes occurring over the next few weeks, all members should be aware of their rights, responsibilities and obligations as per the Constitution, and General Orders, especially the keyholder's appendix. This will become particularly relevant with the changing of the locks and appointment of people to the role of keyholders, those able to sign keys out on a loan basis.

   Also try to keep aware of ongoing changes to the club by reading the Committee notice-board (by the pigeon holes) and the main white board where updates to the standing orders will be posted.

   Gradually the Committee is realising problems around the club and is working to try and make the club a better environment for all gaming. As members feel free to suggest changes where you think they are necessary, contribute your ideas and work with the Committee to make the best club we can. Volunteers helping to do things around the club, often have their contribution recognised.


   Our main sponsors, GameQuest and Tactics, the two primary role-playing and card gaming stores in Adelaide, remain true to our club. Both continue their generous sponsorship to our members.

   Subway, on Hindley Street, has also agreed to continue its sponsorship with the new club. Other sponsors will be confirmed over the next month. If you have suggestions for possible sponsors, please pass on your ideas to the Committee, so that we may act on them.

   When you get your membership card, you will be able to present them to receive a discount at these places.


A cheaper form of membership for infrequent visitor's to our club.

   The Committee have looked into some requests for a membership type that would allow people who game rarely, even once a month, to still be members of the club. The Visitor's Card is a compromise that allows those who use it to visit the club more often, than the standard three visits.

   The Visitor's Card will resemble a normal membership card with ten sections marked, so that visits can be recorded. The Visitor's Card is not a standard form of membership and can only be taken with Committee approval - it is only for a minority of our members.

   The primary differences in membership are that Visitor's do not have any of the normal rights given to members. They do not receive a vote in club elections, cannot hold official positions and do not receive any club discounts (i.e. movie tickets at cheaper prices, etc.) They will, however continue to receive the discounts from our sponsors, making it ideal for those people who purchase a lot from Tactics / GameQuest.

   Visitor's will be required to present their cards to keyholder's so that the visits can be recorded - failure to do this, and being caught out will forfeit the privilege of having the Visitor's Card. (The system only works if those using it don't abuse it, otherwise it will stop.) We allow some grace period each time Visitors attend the club, to establish whether games are indeed running, and the Visitor need only lose one visit/day even if they go out for food, etc.

   The Visitor's Card is priced at $40, which naturally averages at $4/visit.  Not better than the value of a standard membership, if you game on a weekly basis, certainly not if you are in the club more often.  This is for those few people whose schedules don't allow them even a weekly game, or whose budget can't allow them a full membership and they want to game in a campaign.  Perfect for someone who had previously left the club because they couldn't afford to pay so much for so little gaming - if you know someone let them know, and maybe we might see a few older faces coming back sometime.

   As with most things in the club these rules are subject to debate, possible change in the future, so if you have an opinion on the structure of membership and fees, then please make your feelings known to the Committee.  Without trying to sound trite, we do value everyone's contribution.  But we can't respect your opinion if you don't let it be known.


   Most members will have been issued with membership cards by now and the Committee asks that everyone try to keep aware of when your membership fees are due - we will give you gentle reminders at the time - don't worry about that.

   A reminder to all former Guild members who were members when the clubs amalgamated, you do receive added time to your membership if you renew - 1 year renewals receive an additional 3 months, and 6 month renewals receive 6 weeks. Don't let your membership lapse and rejoin later - take advantage of this time to join.

   A list of people due to expire in the next few months will appear shortly on the Committee noticeboard. Check there if you don't have a card, or are unsure. Any membership problems, missing cards and other related topics should be forwarded to the Secretary.  Replacement cards can be issued at a cost of $2 a card - reflecting the costs to laminate it.


The last Maelstrom as we know it, but it heralds a new time for a new club, bigger and brighter things we hope.

   Maelstrom, an Adelaide gaming event for many years, was last held on the October long weekend 3rd -5th. Rather than thinking on this as a sad occasion, it is in fact saying goodbye to a tradition, so that another can, hopefully, be created in its wake. This year's Maelstrom combined wargaming, board gaming, role-playing and collectible card games in a three-day event, held at both the Adelaide Gamer's Association clubrooms and Australian Game Wizards (in Currie Street).

   What was the weekend like? Having been there for only part of it, I can't give a full report, but the people I spoke to afterward, had enjoyed themselves. The Solaris Battletech match was certainly interesting, with a remarkable vulnerable heads mounted on some Mechs. I invite those who participated in the weekend to submit their impressions of the weekend if they like - what they enjoyed, game reports, etc. And I'd love to hear from the organisers, if they'd like to share their impressions of the event with our members through the newsletter.

   A big thank-you goes out to the organising committee of this year's Maelstrom event, for the hard work needed to print up the entry booklets/posters, the scheduling of sessions and the processing of the registrations. It was professionally run over the weekend, and this helped people enjoy themselves.

   Thanks to those people who wrote the games, organised players, and acted in the role of GM/DM/etc. over the course of the weekend.

   Also thanks go to the numerous volunteers from the Adelaide Gamer's Association who staffed the bar that weekend, for no benefit to themselves - both Committee members, members and their partners. These people keep clubs like ours going through their hard work, that so often gets ignored.  Thank you  . . . see you next year . . .

   The organisers hope to be able to organise a bigger, grander event next year, running the whole tournament/event from one central location. The Adelaide Gamer's Association hopes to provide a smaller in-club tournament event at another time in the year to continue the tradition of the original Maelstroms held by SASA.  And we hope that most of you will participate where-ever and whenever you can.



   The club will be providing its members with a comprehensive list of all members soon, along with a list of home phone numbers so that players and game organisers can keep in touch.  If you would not like your phone number included then inform the Secretary via the appropriate notice in the club. Addresses and business numbers will not be provided without the consent of the member in question. Our membership forms will now carry a place to indicate your preference for future records. You can be removed at any time from the list by getting in touch with the Committee.


By Mark Philp

   The Game Co-ordinator compiles a list of games that are being played in the club - those open to new members, and established games. They are listed in the club on the gaming noticeboards and some are listed here. If you are looking for new players or organising a game from scratch, get in touch with Mark and he will help you get word out about your game. Even those games not open to new players are listed, so that people can be aware of what we are playing.

   Mark can be contacted via his e-mail address,, or via ICQ, his ICQ number being 457862.


AD&D: Birthright
Game Master: Matthew Law
Played irregularly
Currently not open to new players

AD&D: The Elf Game
Game Master: Matthew Law / Brett Gibbons
Played when possible
Currently not open to new players

AD&D: The Prophecy War
Game Master: Mathew Thompson
Played Wednesday 12pm-6pm
Gaming in Mathew's own AD&D game world

AD&D: Ziggys Place
Game Master: Steve Wark
Contact: 8369 0019 (AH)
Times to be arranged

   In addition to these AD&D games we have at least 6 others, including Dark Sun and Forgotten Realms Open Realms campaigns currently running in the club at the moment. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons continues to prove to be the most popular Role-playing game out there.

   There is always room for more AD&D campaigns at the club, as it is still the most sought after game by role-players that come into the club.


Vampire: The Masquerade
Storyteller: Alan Michell
Contact: 0413019312
Played Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Open to new players & would consider different times for players unable to make existing ones.

Mage: Chiaroscuro
Storyteller: Alan Michell
Contact: as above
Played irregularly (to be decided by players)
Open to new players.

Call of Cthulhu: The Masks of Nyarlathotep
Game Master: Steve Mickevics
Contact: 8361 2428
Played Sunday Evenings, Fortnightly 6pm-10:30pm
Not open to new players

Call of Cthulhu: Wurunjerri
Game Master: Steven Wark
Contact: 8369 0019(AH)
Times to be arranged with 4-6 players


Deadlands: The Weird West Campaign
Game Master: James Shephard
Contact: 8289 8961
Played Tuesdays 12pm-6pm.
Contact James for more details.

SLA Industries: Project Looking Glass
Game Master: Brett Gibbons
Contact: 8296 3121
Times to be Arranged with Players

Game Master: Allen Maxted
Contact: Message via club or through Coordinator
Played Mondays 7pm-10:30pm

Amber Diceless Roleplaying: Return of the King
Game Master: Steven Wark
Contact: 8369 0019 (AH)
Times to be arranged with players

Star Wars
Game Master: Grant Kininmont
Contact: 8351 1735
Thursdays 6pm-late.

Gaming Group: 5 Crazy Demons at Sea
Game Master: Varies
Contact: Stewart Wymer through the club
Plays Thursday afternoons

They call themselves the "5 Crazy Demons at Sea" and they play a variety of games on Thursday afternoons including Feng Shui & In Nomine.

And with an eye fixed firmly on future games and events . . .

BattleTech: Solaris Dueling
Game Coordinator: Alan Michell
Variety of times based on player availability
Open League - entry to all comers
Coming soon!

Battletech Campaign
Game Coordinator: Alan Michell
Will be played Sundays
Open to two teams of up to 6 players/side initially
Coming soon!

Blood Bowl Adelaide Gamer's League
Game Coordinator: Commissioner Perryman
Competing for the club BloodBowl Shield!
Coming Soon!


Building a sense of community in our club by acknowledging our best. Only in its infancy, an idea for awards to members could be coming to the club soon.

   A sense of tradition and unity. A fledgling club like the Adelaide Gamer's Association needs to progress from its foundations in the former clubs and develop an identity of its own. It has been suggested at Committee, that one way to achieve this may be awards.

   We already have a Blood Bowl Shield, and we may have other awards for specific games, but also general awards for both players and game organisers.

   Feedback on this idea is sought from everyone as this is obviously only a good idea if the membership supports it. Let us know how you feel about the ideas, and we will probably try implementing them in the coming year.


This is an ideal way to submit a battle report or gaming diary - in fictional form, with additional notes . . .

The Washington Post
31st August 1862


   Dispatches from the Army of Virginia confirm that Major General John Pope (Barry) is the Unions greatest asset in the fight to defeat the rebels. Facing overwhelming odds he withdrew the Union army in good order after inflicting sharp casualties on the Rebels under Lee and Jackson.

   Sources close to the General suggest that his tactitcal withdrawal was a critical factor in saving Washington, by preserving his forces. The General regrets the almost total loss of the Third Corps under McDowell (Ian) but reckons that their heroic sacrifice saved the day. The General reports he is willing and ready to once again carry the fight to the enemy.


   President Lincoln advises that Major General Pope was reassigned to command Fort Benson in Indiana and to bend his great abilities to the task of training our future armies.  The General was not available for comment



   I am writing to condemn Pope's lack of aggression in the late afternoon of the first day of the second battle of Bull Run. A great opportunity has been lost to the Union! Our valiant boys fought to put us in a good position, which Pope's "gentleman's agreement" squandered. This Rebellion will not be ended until we have a commander who has the bile to end it! 

Brigd. Gen. Milroy esq. (Michael)

The Richmond Enquirer
August 31st 1862


   The most recent dispatch from general Lee who is currently campaigning with the Army of Northern Virginia in the Vicinity of Manassas junction reports that his two Corps under Jackson (Stan) and Longstreet(Doug) have soundly thrashed a massive Union army under Pope. Jackson boldly attacked a much larger Union force in a good defensive position on Henry's Hill to allow Longstreet the finish off the Union's Third Corps without interference.

   The Third Corps were caught out on a limb near Gainsville and despite fighting manfully were thrashed by our brave boys. Pope on hearing their fate rushed his troops from the battlefield to the safety of Washington's defences. The only black spot for the South was the decimation of Ewell's (Ken) Division by three of Pope's cowardly Corps when Ewell attempted a rash counter attack.


   Twenty players fought it out in a map campaign that echoed many of the errors and problems faced by the historical figures of the real battle of Manassas. Poor communication, poor scouting, fear amplifying the estimates of the size of the enemy and rivalry between generals on the same side all helped to recreate the fog of war. The South won a minor victory but could ill afford the losses to it's own troops.


   After our last Movie Event, Blade, our next event will probably be The Avengers or Saving Private Ryan. Look for advertising at the club, GameQuest and Tactics.

Next Committee Meeting
Sunday, 8th November, 10:00AM
All members of the Adelaide Gamer's Association welcome
This is also the deadline for submissions for the November / December issue of THE RUNE.


Category of Membership Visitor's Card  6 Months  12 Months
Junior:  17 Years or Younger - $20 AU* $30 AU*
Concession:  Pensioners, Students and Unemployed $40 AU* / 10 Visits $45 AU* $80 AU*
Full Membership:  Employed $40 AU* / 10 Visits $85 AU* $160 AU*

* Please note that membership fees are valued in Australian Dollars.

   Everyone is entitled to three visits without having to pay any fees - so come in and see what the club has to offer.  The club is typically open all day Friday, most of the weekend and various times during the week.  Ring ahead to make sure someone is there to keep the place open for you.


Chairperson Darren Perryman
Treasurer Kylie Doherty
Secretary Alan Michell
Committee Members Sean Davis
Tess Hayes
Stan McKenzie
Paul Lightfoot
Barry Maunsell
Jeff Williams
Bar Manager Ken Broadstock
Bar Assistant Sean Davis
Game Co-ordinator Mark Philp
Web Site Co-ordinator Mark Philp
RUNE Editor Alan Michell



Level 2, 134 Waymouth St
Adelaide, SA


(08) 84104455
(Local Adelaide Number)


PO Box 10184
Gouger Street
Adelaide, SA




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