AD&D Role-Playing Tournament (ART)


ART Review

   From Thursday 22nd April to Sunday 25th April 1999 the AGA ran ART: The AGA AD&D Role-Playing Tournament (ART).  The Module ran for ART was entitled "The Final Test", being written by Mark Philp and ran by Brett Gibbons.

   The Event saw four Groups of four Players best their wits against the likes of rivers, sylvan creatures, monsters, magic and mayhem!  For a mere $5 per Player Groups gained the chance to vie for First Prize: Four GameQuest Gift Vouchers to the effect of $25 each.  The following areas were taken into consideration for assessment to determine the winners of the Tournament (listed in order of importance): Role-Playing; Problem Solving; Teamwork; and NPC Interaction.

   Congratulations go out to Kylie Doherty, Tess Hayes, Matthew Law, and Mark Yuen for being the winning group, scoring a massive 72%.  The group who achieved Second Place - Michael Kenner, Ryan Mitchell, Joel Green, and Alex White - scored 68%, whilst Tony Kipprianu, Lee Monk, Michael Newton, and Darren Perryman managed to clock up 65% for Third.

Module Synopsis

   "A group of four apprentices who have studied, learned and strived together over the past six years are finally reaching the end of their apprenticeships. All that remains between these young men breaking free and venturing out into the world is the Final Test their Masters have set themů

   It sounds simple: All these guys have to do is travel along a path through the Allbryte Wood, a small forest located next to the village of Willowbrooke, and return back to their Chantry located less than a day away. But how simple can a test set by four Grand Masters of the Crimson Flame really be???"

- - -   Blurb for the 1999 ART Module, "The Final Test"   - - -

   The Final Test has a very simple plot to follow.  Four apprentices - Aelis, Kendyl, Simmin, and Vernin - who have studied together for the past six years have reached the end of their apprenticeships.  Their Masters - the Masters of the Iron march Chantry, members of the magical Order known as the Crimson Flame - have decided that their apprentices are almost ready to enter the real world and must undergo a 'test of character' to determine if they will survive beyond the Chantry.  So the Masters of the Iron March Chantry escort their apprentices to a path that leads through the Allbryte Wood and tell them they have three days to make it back to the Chantry and complete their Final Test...

   Of course, the journey of the apprentices through the wood is beset with trials and tests to test their wits, their skill at arms, their morals, their compassion, their magical knowledge and their characters.

   For a scene-by-scene run down of "The Final Test" click here (this is to save those who don't want to know what happens within the Module or might participate within it).

Download the Module

   You can download a copy of "The Final Test" and all the associated bits and pieces by selecting one of the following buttons below.  The module is available in Word '97, Word 6/'95, and Plain text Formats.  The files are stored in a self-extracting ZIP file so all you have to do to extract them is click on the file and follow the prompts.

   Contained within the self-extracting ZIP archive you will find the following:

Download The Final Test in Plain Text (txt) Format.     Download The Final Test in Word 6 / '95 (doc) Format.     Download The Final Test in Word '97 (doc) Format.

A Note of Thanks

   A special mention of thanks must go out to Brett Gibbons who gave up his weekend and offered his services to Game Master three of the four Role-Playing Groups who entered the Tournament (he who was the tough, but fair marker).  Further thanks is deserved by Alan Michell for his patience and support in the development and implementation of the module.  Finally the AGA must be thanked for helping to subsidize the Tournament Prize.

ART 2000

   In mid-April 2000 the next ART Event is scheduled to be held at the AGA.  The aim is to continue the tale of Aelis, Kendyl, Simmin, and Vernin as they reunite seven years after their Final Test at the Iron March Chantry.  Master Irdrid, the Head of the Chantry, has died under mysterious circumstances and all Mages of the Crimson Flame are afraid of the implications of his death...  Look out for the next module, "Irdrid's Rest", to be ran next year.

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