How do I Contact the Adelaide Gamers' Association?

   If you would like to contact the Adelaide Gamers' Association On-line please send e-mail to  Submissions to the AGA's Newsletter, THE RUNE, can be made to the above address or sent to the current RUNE Editor, Alan Michell, at

For those who require a mailing address please send all written correspondence to:

P.O. Box 10184
Gouger Street, Adelaide
South Australia, Australia

   To contact the Adelaide Gamers' Association by phone our number is (08) 8410 4455.
Please note this is a local Adelaide telephone number.

   For any queries about this Web Site, Games listed on this site or Events running through the AGA contact Mark Philp, the Web Master and author of this site, at, or ICQ him, his ICQ number being 457862.

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