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   These days it's almost impossible to do anything without some form of legal disclaimer. That's because so much information and so many ideas are protected by law. This is fair enough - the rights of authors, artists and companies to material they produce should be protected instead of being plagiarized as a lot of time and work goes into the development of these materials.

   This page is the Legal Disclaimer for the Adelaide Gamers' Association Web Site. It exists to list the legal rights of and the protected material owned by the AGA and Gaming Companies used within this web site.

   The Adelaide Gamers' Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the facilitation of gaming and gaming simulations. The organization makes no profit from its endeavours, using any fees raised to support its existence and its members.

   The AGA is an Incorporated body which means if I, the Gaming Co-ordinator, am sued for any reason in relation to my duties as Gaming Co-ordinator (i.e.: for information published on this web site), then I cannot be individually sued and instead any legal action must be taken against the AGA as an organization and its Committee of Management.

   No member of the Adelaide Gamers' Association or any other person may represent the Association without the permission of the Committee of Management. The Gaming Co-ordinator possesses permission to represent the AGA in relation to on-line communication, gaming events and matters in relation to gaming.

   Information relating to members of the Adelaide Gamers' Association is private and confidential, and cannot be given out to any party without the expressed permission of the AGA Committee of Management or the member in question.

   All images used on this site are not the property of any individual or organization with the exception of any logo or copyrighted image as noted below.

   All gaming logos, trademarks, registered trademarks and copyrights remain the property of their respective owners. The AGA does not wish to challenge or threaten this ownership in any way or form, and uses such protected information for promotional purposes only.

   The AGA logo is the property of the Adelaide Gamers' Association. If you'd like to use the logo please ask the AGA's permission first (it's only courteous, after all).

   For further information on the Legal Rights and Rules of the Adelaide Gamers' Association take a look at the AGA Charter (Constitution) and the AGA Standing Orders (Rules of Conduct).


   Why don't trademarked or copyrighted names or images on this site have the ®, TM or © symbols next to their names? There's a lot of text on this web site... A lot of text which changes continually. I, the Site Co-ordinator, find it difficult enough to update the site on a monthly basis yet alone acknowledge every copyrighted or trademarked word or idea wherever it pops up. Hence I created the Trademarks Page.

   The Trademarks Page lists the trademarks, registered trademarks and copyrights of the Gaming Companies who's products are commonly used by AGA members. Yes, there are other Gaming Companies out there and yes, AGA members use their products too but I could only collate so much information... For the rights of other Companies not listed on the Trademarks Page take a look at the Gaming Company Legal Policy links I have gathered.


   I have managed to collate a large number of links to Legal Policy Pages which Gaming Companies have published on their web sites. Such pages usually list the trademarks and copyrights a Gaming Company holds and what the Company believes is a breech of it's legal rights.

   In general you are able to use a logo from a web site or product if it is acknowledged to be the property of the Gaming Company and a link to the Company's site exists in an easy-to-find place (regardless of what medium the image has been reproduced within). You are able to quote small portions of text from a gaming product for review purposes only. If you want to use information from a gaming product in any way refer to the product and page number instead of reproducing that information.

   Gaming Companies do not like it when their material is used without recognition, is plagiarized or a profit is made from their material without the Company's consent. Most Companies will not allow you to use their images or protected property in relation to slanderous information or biased reviews.

   Remember that Gaming Companies cannot give you legal advice and that their Legal Policies posted on-line are merely guidelines. In the event that there is some confusion over what you can do without any form of legal dispute or repercussions I would suggest seeking legal counsel.

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